Education in America: A Guide to Child Acceptance and Parents


What’s the difference among the yankee training system, the Russian educational device and worldwide family members, a way to prepare a child for a new instructional format, and what documents to acquire, says Alexandra Kravets, team chief of on line sales at train on-line

In accordance to investigate, 90% of modern parents are millennials and “virtual natives” (as declared in 2019 by way of members on the SXSW EDU convention). On the equal time, young Russians are extra cosmopolitan and greater cosmopolitan than the older generations. Regular opinion polls by means of the Levada center (protected via the Ministry of Justice inside the list of NGOs – foreign marketers – RBC trends) indicate that about a third of younger humans need to stay overseas and deliver their kids the possibility to receive an training abroad (this figure is higher in huge cities – about 45% versus much less than 10% of the older era).

This hobby in overseas colleges is dueinternational relations application and to numerous factors. To start with, mother and father need to realize that their infant will be able to research a foreign language and assimilate into any society. They accept as true with that foreign schooling could be very bendy, develops tender skills and communication talents, and presents possibilities to explicit themselves. Overseas faculties are often guided via traits, quickly exchange and supplement their educational applications below them, letting them increase the “inventory of life models” of the pupil.

Another vital aspect in choice-making is the want for parents to preserve a near and friendly dating with the child’s teacher. In their view, a teacher is a specialist on whom the child’s lifestyles attitudes and expertise immediately depend. Colleges abroad, including inside the united states of america, pay extraordinary attention to the verbal exchange of teachers with students, permit dad and mom and youngsters to behavior an open communicate, and maintain an hobby in schooling.

But, mother and father who plan to switch their youngsters to American schools regularly do no longer apprehend all the variations within the cogent social sciences education curriculum in Russia and abroad. In the meantime, this difference could be very vital. Well timed coaching for admission directly influences the volume to which a scholar’s potential, base and extracurricular sports are appreciated. Allow’s discern out collectively how now not to lose sight of all the crucial nuances.

Variations among education systems

It is crucial to understand that training in US faculties has numerous characteristics.

Teachers in American faculties do now not announce grades to the complete magnificence – that is the personal facts of each pupil. This approach avoids needless strain at the scholar related to “public shaming” for terrible grades. Simplest the pupil himself is aware of his effects and he is also chargeable for them.
Colleges do now not have a not unusual curriculum for all. Within the decrease grades, children examine fundamental disciplines, within the middle grades they pick subjects that are interesting to them, and in the older grades, they awareness on what is going to be necessary for admission to better instructional establishments. This enables with career steerage and planning for a destiny career.
Within the america, there is a one-of-a-kind grading gadget: passing rankings are specified by using the letters A, B, C, and D. Students’ know-how is assessed in many methods and in keeping with several standards right now. A scholar who is familiar with point grading from formative years quick adapts to the equal device inside the university.

In American schools, mistakes can be made, and this regularly does not have an effect on grades. The manifestation of initiative and hobby is usually recommended due to the fact that is an indicator that the scholar himself is interested in understanding.
Within the u.S., youngsters observe for 12 years, not eleven, as in Russia. Parents have to recall this point when planning their education.

The way to prepare for the new format

Choose a school

At this level, the subsequent tips ought to be accompanied.

While choosing a faculty, you want to recognition for your child’s hobbies and desires. Do no longer chase after a massive call: now and again, it’s far higher to stay at an group with a suitable listing of disciplines and educational publications.
Don’t forget, there is no uniform ranking for excessive schools in the u.S.A.. When you have started out to look at the scores of educational institutions, examine approximately the methodology for building them. They frequently bear in mind the complexity of the curriculum, sports activities activities, and even the moral values ​​which are instilled in children in the mastering procedure.
Pay attention to the vicinity and length of the college. In case you stay in a metropolis and your infant is used to advanced infrastructure, choosing a faculty in a small American metropolis or village isn’t always an excellent idea. Similarly to the academic element, the college ought to meet the social desires of the kid.
Don’t forget faculties with a couple of majors. Selecting a strong faculty-based totally best on STEM availability, deprive your toddler of the opportunity to observe artwork topics, narrowing similarly possibilities for admission to the university. In the course of the gaining knowledge of process, adolescents can rethink their preferences and alternate the vector of development. In this case, you’ll no longer want to urgently look for a appropriate faculty, because inside the framework of 1 academic institution, the child can have the opportunity to pick what’s interesting to him.

Consider the closing date for submission of documents

American faculties are open all 12 months round. Schooling in it goes past the classical study room, which students are familiar with in Russia and beyond the Google workspace for schooling. It is higher to start making ready multiple months earlier than the official start of the reception to have time to frivolously acquire all of the papers. If college starts offevolved in September, the software deadline is may and June.

Prepare the entirety you need for admission

The list of documents for distance enrollment may range depending on the selected instructional institution. All information may be observed on its reputable website. Make sure to join the school’s social networks and ask the management all of your questions.

From the files you’ll want:

Pupil’s overseas passport (experiment of a page with a picture).
Grades for the closing to 3 years of take a look at at the respectable letterhead of the school within the layout required inside the u . S . Of admission. Maximum of the subjects in the Russian curriculum are credited to the yankee training machine. The main disciplines are arithmetic, social technology, biology, physics, and many others.

If we’re speakme approximately the classic full-time layout, the pupil may be requested to undergo an extra interview, put together a motivation letter and gather a portfolio of scientific tasks. For schools that educate on-line, simplified situations practice: a portfolio of works regularly does not play a special role.

Pull up your English

It’s miles critical to take into account that the pupil may be in a new language surroundings. His achievement will directly rely on the level of English with which he began his studies. The inducement of the scholar himself plays a huge position right here.

A baby with an A2 level of language skillability who works diligently with the instructor can reach the B2 degree in six months, permitting him to enter excessive faculty. If a infant wants to navigate the challenge as freely as possible and without problems speak with instructors and classmates, his level of knowledge must be C1 + or C2. This could take at the least two years of intensive schooling with a professional trainer.

Independent work also performs an crucial function in gaining knowledge of. You could explore the free applications to be had. For example, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, and several other towns there are medical meetings for college kids and excessive college students based at the UN model. Within the format of a role-gambling sport, students reproduce the paintings of the organs of the organization, at the same time as improving their language and oratory abilties.

Self-work unit

Most of the teaching in American schools is based at the pupil’s work. The Russian schooling gadget largely controls the pupil thru conventional school rooms, checks, and homework. American coaching is more bendy, and lifestyles lessons are frequently used to supplement different jobs. College students actively use interactive structures with video lectures, exams, assignments, and further gaining knowledge of materials. On the equal time, the kid independently follows the program, and inside the lecture room consolidates understanding and discusses difficult moments with the instructor.

Talk together with your toddler the quantity to which they’re involved in independent work. He need to remember that all of the results are his obligation.

The extra expertise and capabilities a student acquires all through his research, the higher his probabilities of admission to an awesome college can be. Many American schools have direct admission partnerships (no front tests, challenge to a GPA common, where grades A, B, C, D, F are equivalent to 4.Zero, three.Zero, 2.Zero, 1.0, zero.0). Partnership agreements operate with the global college Alliance, which incorporates such universities as Adelphi university (garden city, ny), American college (Washington), Auburn university (Alabama), Cleveland state university, Florida global college (Florida ), Louisiana nation university, Mercer college (Georgia), university of critical Florida, college of Dayton (Ohio), college of Kansas, the university of Illinois at Chicago,

If you need to hold your research in Russia

If the child does no longer plan to enter a overseas university, you could go back to the Russian education device without loss.

The yank school degree is recognized by way of most people of Russian universities. For admission, it have to be notarized and translated into Russian.

You can take the examination in the trendy order. Most of the subjects inside the American faculty replica the Russian route. The pupil simplest needs to find examples of the exam on the net and look at the shape of the responsibilities.

If favored, the pupil can continually transfer to a Russian college, offering the commission with the results of the checks and the list of disciplines passed. Parallel studying is becoming a frequent practice when a toddler is studying at a Russian academic organization and is taking an American school course remotely.

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